Jumat, 25 September 2015

If you want your chimney clean in Atlanta ga, there are many ways to go.

Close your eyes and pick from the yellow pages

Do research for days or weeks

Pick the cheapest/or most expensive

MOST all of those will get your chimney clean Atlanta, but you may end up getting hosed for a lot expensive repairs you may or may not need.

If you want your chimney cleaned by someone who has been in business in Atlanta since 1977, and who won't try to sell you repairs that will cost your vacations for the next ten years, then call us.

We CAN'T scam you for chimney rebuilding because we DON'T do that. We only do minor repairs, caps, dampers, and a few more little things. We never got into rebuilding chimneys.

If you see an ad for a chimney company and they have 15 or 20 trucks, remember, all those guys are paid on commission. They have to sell big to stay in business. We just have to get your chimney clean Atlanta, like you wanted in the first place.

take a look at chimney


Sabtu, 05 September 2015

Saw an article about cleaning chimneys. It recommended having your chimney checked and inspected at least once a year, if you are burning wood.

Chimney fire can burn your house to the ground. It can also ruin the chimney, even if the house survives. This can cost thousands and thousands of dollars. 

Besides, you have a fire to enjoy the day, not be scared to death. Chimney inspection is not expensive, but make sure you don't call a ripoff company. They will try to sell you expensive repairs you may not need.

Chimney sweep

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