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If you want your chimney clean in Atlanta ga, there are many ways to go.

Close your eyes and pick from the yellow pages

Do research for days or weeks

Pick the cheapest/or most expensive

MOST all of those will get your chimney clean Atlanta, but you may end up getting hosed for a lot expensive repairs you may or may not need.

If you want your chimney cleaned by someone who has been in business in Atlanta since 1977, and who won't try to sell you repairs that will cost your vacations for the next ten years, then call us.

We CAN'T scam you for chimney rebuilding because we DON'T do that. We only do minor repairs, caps, dampers, and a few more little things. We never got into rebuilding chimneys.

If you see an ad for a chimney company and they have 15 or 20 trucks, remember, all those guys are paid on commission. They have to sell big to stay in business. We just have to get your chimney clean Atlanta, like you wanted in the first place.

take a look at chimney


Sabtu, 05 September 2015

Saw an article about cleaning chimneys. It recommended having your chimney checked and inspected at least once a year, if you are burning wood.

Chimney fire can burn your house to the ground. It can also ruin the chimney, even if the house survives. This can cost thousands and thousands of dollars. 

Besides, you have a fire to enjoy the day, not be scared to death. Chimney inspection is not expensive, but make sure you don't call a ripoff company. They will try to sell you expensive repairs you may not need.

Chimney sweep

Selasa, 07 Juli 2015

Just how can a chimney sweep benefit you to prevent this particular scary scenario? There are few things as scary as returning home and finding a wild animal in your house. It occurs every day, but is easily avoidable. It's spring, the time of year that a great many critters become activated after hibernating , or just taking it slow for the winter season. These animals roam all around searching for an easy food score, but when they get onto your house it can help make trouble for you that won't be easy. Squirrels are especially  good at scaling and can easily jump on your chimney. Without a chimney cover, you may be in for trouble.

The moment the squirrel is suspended down into your chimney flue smelling for treats, bad things will start to happen. They crawl further and further down the flue pipe, drawn by the alluring smell of human food. They put their front paws into the chimney flue keeping their back paws on top. But often they simply go that one inch too far and so they can't get back up. If this happens then you've got a flying squirrel, although not the type you choose. The little critter will drop all the way to the bottom and land on top of your damper door. Since the flue pipe can be so slippery, wide and long, there is no way for the squirrel to return to the top. He's going to either go to squirrel heaven or, if your damper has been left wide open, may get out into the house. Not good  This may be the perfect time to phone the best chimney cleaning company you can find.  This is a good time to call the best chimney cleaning company you can locate.

So now the little monster is in the bottom of the flue pipe, up on top of the damper. He really can't climb up the chimney given that the sides are very slippery. Also he isn't big enough to reach from one side of the chimney flue to the other to propel himself up. So at this stage with no fluids or sustenance, it's probable he'll die there. Soon after the smell will start. It fills the house with that very bad scent but you can't seem to find out where it's originating. There is another outcome in which the little fuzzball gets out into the house through an open damper. A squirrel in the house is never a good thing. These little destroyers are capable of doing thousands of dollars in damages, I have seen it with my own eyes. Once again, a experienced chimney sweep company will be able to take away this problem well before it gets started!

There are many other types of critters that can also wind up in your chimney and may die there. Birds, ducks, flying squirrels, raccoons, are some instances.  Raccoons will often actually create a nest in there. It is a protected environment as far as they are concerned. Hardly any other animals might get to their cubs, so to them it’s just like a fortress. As long as you don’t light a fire and suffocate them, causing an even worse smell.  They must feel you are an exceedingly nice person to build them such a beautiful home for them. They are able to stay for weeks and depart whenever they want. In the meantime, just hope they don’t find the odor of your meal unbearable to resist, and come in through an open damper. 

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